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The High Conflict Co-Parenting Podcast

Sep 28, 2018

Do you have a co-parent who won' if so, this show is for you. This idea is what helped me the most personally when I took Brook's classes!

Sep 21, 2018

These are the three rules of dealing with difficult ex-partners: Disengage, Disengage, Disengage. This is so difficult and everything inside of us wants to engage, defend, fight back etc. At least, that's the way it is in the beginning. You will hear some of my favorite quotes from the world of conflict management...

Sep 11, 2018

Co-Parenting is the relationship that never ends. If your ex is difficult to deal with, if you are are experiencing high-conflict and/or the children are being hurt by the behavior of your ex partner, than this show is for you. You may not be able to change them but you CAN change everything that your child needs to...